How props can help tell your brand story

It’s no secret that a picture tells a thousand words.

Imagery is an incredibly powerful tool and should be taken into consideration when planning your business photoshoot.

I love using props at all my photo shoots as it’s the perfect way to relax you when someone is poking a camera in your face.

Prop ideas are endless and no two business owners would ever bring the same props to a shoot.

Here are some tips to help you consider which props would be right for you for your next business shoot.

Industry related props:

  • Tools of the trade. What do you use every day in your business? You could take it further and add a fun historical element by considering what would have been used in your business 50 years ago. 
  • Everyone uses phones and computers, so think differently and choose an object that will make you stand out.
  • Do you have inspirational quotes that you run your business by? Adding quotes either on letter boards or printed quote cards is a lovely way to inspire others and get your philosophy across.

Industry prop suggestions:

  • Photographer – Camera.
  • Accountant – Calculator or computer.
  • Graphic designer – Pens, markers and other drawing materials.
  • Yoga teacher – Yoga mat, water bottle.
  • Health – Fresh food, cook books, weights, tape measure and vitamins.
  • Stylist – Colour charts, fabrics and mood boards.
  • Chinese medicine – Acupuncture needles, cupping equipment, natural herbs, candle, and towels.
Props ideas for service based business brand photography Melbourne Katinka Kernutt

Personal props:

This is where the fun begins.

Personal props allow you to easily add your personality into your branding images.

Showcasing the real you to the world helps you to connect with your customers or clients on a more personal level, creating a sense of trust and familiarity.

The options for personal props really are endless, but here are a few ideas:

  • Things on your desk such as potted plants, picture frames and small ornaments.
  • Your favourite mug, takeaway coffee cup, or drink bottle.
  • Something unique about you. You might have a nick name or an in-joke that only some of your audience will get, your favourite childhood toy or your favourite food.
  • Your diary and some nice pens or highlighters.
  • Books and magazines
Using props in personal brand photography Melbourne Katinka Kernutt

Tip: Remember to consider colour.

I love colour as a way of creating a strong visual brand for businesses and the easiest way to add colour to your photos is with your props.

So much can be communicated through the use of colour so it’s worth considering how you can use this powerful visual tool to get your brand’s unique personality across.

Now that you’ve got a good idea of how powerful props can be, it’s over to you. What props have you used? What item connects with your business on a deeper level?

I’d love to hear the story behind the props you’ve chosen!

Is it time to refresh your 2020 vision?

In today’s competitive marketplace it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Trying to project a different image from competitors can easily become time consuming, overwhelming and distracts you from what’s really important: doing what you do best and running the business you have worked so hard on.

The best way to ensure your business is seen is simple, and getting back to basics is key.

This is done by really looking at what you actually want to achieve in your business and consider if your current branding situation is doing its best to serve your vision.

Visual branding includes all your visual content, including your logo, colour scheme, font, image styles and photographs.

You may discover that what you currently have going on visually isn’t serving your overall business vision at all. When this happens, you have two options: rebranding or refreshing.

You may consider rebranding if:

  • Your business name no longer serves your vision or reflects your brands image or goals.
  • You want to transform your business into something completely different.
  • You don’t like your logo or graphics and want a complete design overhaul.

Rebranding is a good way to get a nice clean slate and start off fresh with a new, more coherent vision. If you’re happy with your business name and vision and just want a bit of an update, you might only need a refresh.

You should consider a brand refresh if:

  • You currently find yourself not properly connecting with your customers.
  • You don’t have consistent visuals in place.
  • You feel your logo needs slight tweaking, such as different colours or font.
  • Your website, social media pages and business cards all look completely different to one another an you want a more consistent, professional look.

One of the most important things about visual branding is consistency. Are you giving your business the best possible chance at being a consistent, easily recognised brand that people will be able to connect with?

If you’re tired of your current branding but don’t know how to fix it or where to start, a Visual Brand Review can help. If you’re ready to build your visual brand in 2020 and start attracting your ideal customers, contact me today to book a FREE 20 MINUTE CHAT and let’s make 2020 your most visually stunning year yet!

The importance of personal brand photography

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog post for Mayday VA. It’s very relevant so I will share it here too.

It’s no secret that in the digital age people have shorter attention spans. 

In the world of fast news and social media we are continually bombarded by information, which makes it hard for businesses to not only get the people’s attention, but to hold it long enough to get their message across. 

Interestingly, people are more likely to stop scrolling when they see a face. This means that personal brand photography, photography which aims to showcase the personality of your brand, is now more important than ever in making sure your brand not only gets seen but is also easily recognisable. 

Here are my top reasons why personal brand photography is important to any business.

It creates the Know, Like and Trust factor. 

In the current marketplace, potential clients and customers prefer to know who they’re buying from, and personal brand photography allows them to actually see your face. 

In the era of the heart, people don’t want to talk to a computer. They prefer more personal communication and are looking for the real-life person behind the brand. 

Having a picture of yourself on your website and across your social media creates a sense of knowing and helps to build trust and increase likeability amongst existing and potential clients. 

Personal Brand Photography - Melbourne

You can showcase your personality.

Behind every brand is a real-life person with their own uniqueness and eccentricities.

Some brand owners have had to overcome amazing odds to get to where they are today and these stories should be shared and celebrated.

Whether you’re classic, bold, modern, colourful or monochromatic, personal brand photography will showcase your unique personality and tell your story which will, in turn, attract your tribe.

You become more recognisable.

Pretty soon, people will start to recognise you and associate you with your brand. You may find that people may recognise you at networking events or even on the street and approach you for conversation.

Always remember to be true to yourself. Portraying a false image is not only misleading but will also be a nightmare to keep up with. If you always wear bright red lipstick, keep wearing it. Stay true to you and don’t feel like you need to change just for the camera.

Be kind, work hard and you will be recognised for all the right reasons.

It markets YOU!

Because personal brand photography markets you, you will end up creating a personal brand and be seen as the leader in your industry.

Your personality and the brand itself will become entwined with one another in a beautiful dance of recognition and people will think of your name when they hear your brand mentioned.

As you can see from the list above there are many benefits to investing in personal brand photography.

Creating recognition, building trust and putting a face to the business name are all things that will help instil trust and relatability in potential clients and customers.

In this fast-paced world full of multinational corporations and automation, people crave a more personal approach when doing business with someone. This means that personal brand photography is now more important than ever in showcase yourself and what you do best.

It’s time to shine, get personal and show the world who you are and what you do!

How to use visual branding to amplify your brand

Would you like to know how to use visual branding to amplify your brand? In this video, I am going to talk about my top three tips for creating a consistent and strong visual brand that will attract your ideal customer and become recognisable online.

  1. Your brand style guide. How to use it to create a consistent visual brand.
  2. Personal brand and personal brand photography and how to use this to create an authentic and recognisable brand for your business on and offline.
  3. How consistency is the key to everything.

Download your free Brand Guide template.

Do you need some help getting your visual brand attracting your ideal customer? Book a free 15 minute chat to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.


Branded head shot day – Women with health and wellness businesses in Melbourne

I love photo shoot day. It’s busy and the best bit of my week. My Melbourne Branded Headshot Days have been quite popular. Each one has had a different set of beautiful business owners with different needs. Below features a set of women in the Health & Wellness space.

Leanne Vandeligt from Uplift Health Fitness Coaching

Leanne is a Health and Fitness coach for women who want to feel better, workout at home, lose weight and change habits. Her goal is to celebrate the older women and educate them that it’s not too late. With consistent workouts and the right tools they can feel proud of their bodies again. Leanne was after on-brand images for her fitness business that portrayed her strength and fitness as a role model for her clients.

w: @upliftleannevandeligtI: @uplift_health_coaching

Natalie Moore from Be Moore Wellness 

Natalie is a Wellness coach and trainer. She mainly works with women and a lot of mums who are lacking in energy, confidence and time to be able to take care of themselves. She was looking for fresh, natural photos that women can resonate with and that reflect her business.


w: BemoorewellnessI: @bemoorewellness


Nicole Dixon and Nova Ward from Soul Link Studio

Nicole and Nova have recently launched Soul Link Studio in Newport offering (traumatic memory work), kinesiology, intuitive energy healing and eft. Their goal is to normalise healing and alternative therapies and support families on their journeys in everyday life. They were looking for images separately and together that looked professional and on-brand.


w: soullinkstudio.comF: Soul link studio


Megan Hanlon from Soul Intent Healing Centre 

Megan is an intuitive healer, psychic and healing reader, flower essence practitioner and soon to be author. She works mainly with clients who have suffered from anxiety and depression. She uses the Autumn leaf to represent the need to die and be regrow again and this was important to include in her branding images.


w: | f: soulintent


Frances Lourey from The Conscientious Cook


Frances runs The Conscientious Cook. She has a passion to be a change-maker. Her goal is to look at how food nurtures or poisons us and help you discover something that helps you take control of your health and your wellbeing. Check out her business to learn how food really is medicine.

w: | f: FrancesTheConscientiousCook